AlphaWave: The Name

The name, AlphaWave, refers to alpha frequency brain waves.

Alpha brain waves, measured on EEG at 8 to 12 Hz, are present during daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. They are produced naturally when you close your eyes and relax. Neuroscientists have shown that alpha brain waves are correlated with an increase of creative thinking and happiness.  

When alpha waves dominate your brain, your brain is awake, relaxed, and ready for whatever task lies ahead.


AlphaWave Mindfulness for Leadership upholds the following values:  

1. Create calmness, perseverance, and alacrity through meditation.

2. Practice, though there is no perfect.

3. Live intentionally.

4. Always Be Learning

5. Be the best, most valuable, person you can be.

6. Stay focused. Seek balance. 

7. Meditation sharpens your edge, not take it away.

8. Minds: create our existence; must be understood and honed; are our greatest assets.

 Founder Bio

Jonathan Leuchs is the Founder & Chief Meditation Officer of AlphaWave Meditation.  He leads meditation instruction and directs partnerships for the organization. He began meditating daily in 2008 and began teaching in 2015. He is certified to teach meditation in a secular Shamatha tradition by Cindi Lee, one of the most influential meditation and yoga teachers in the West and student of Gelek Rimpoche, nephew of the 13th Dalai Lama.

Jonathan has worked in business since 2005 as a lobbyist, sales executive, and strategic advisor. He currently serves as advisor to a number of companies, including a video payment technology company. His instruction comes from both decades of study and direct experience, and he has no problem understanding his clients’ struggles and challenges. 

Jonathan studied philosophy and English at Boston College, and earned a Master’s degree in Asia-Pacific International Affairs from the University of California San Diego. He has traveled the globe for work and pleasure but has more to see.  He loves math, surfing, and animals. He meditates everyday.