Motivated to Meditate. Meditate to Motivate.

I woke up this morning and meditated first thing. Overall, I have to say, my focus was sporadic, as if I’m not sure how this song is supposed to go. While sitting, my little monkey mind was alive and hopping. I have a lot to do these next two days, and the uncertainty around it all feels high. I know in my heart and mind that there is no reason to worry about the future (or dwell in the past) because this moment is the only beautiful moment that exists. Nevertheless, actually returning my attention to my breathing and releasing thoughts is a true and constant challenge.

I did what I could of course, and tried to return my attention to my breath over and over. I know not to judge my practice - it is what it is. So I sat, and continued to sit, and I know that no matter what, it helps me. 

Overall, I’m motivated to meditate because I know through experience how beneficial it is for me.

I’m also motivated to write immediately after sitting. The idea for this blog came to me a day ago, but today is the day to write.

I’m motivated to write this because: 1. writing helps me process all of those thoughts; 2. I believe that my perspective on meditation and mindfulness is valuable and worth sharing; 3. I want to grow this concept and organization and blogging will facilitate that, because; 4. I want to grow my teaching clientele to professionally thrive, so that I can enrich my life with experiences (travel, surfing, museums, visit my family, vinho verde!), donate to worthy causes and, of course, buy things that make my life a little nicer (like an electric bike!) I’m not attached to any of this - I’m grateful for my perfectly amazing life as it is, but why not enhance it?

As I said, I’m motivated to meditate because I see and feel the benefits in my life every day. 

I also know that meditation helps me (and will help you) stay motivated.

Being motivated is easy when things are going your way, when you’re seeing the results you desire. But staying motivated when things go to shit is a different story.

Meditation takes care of this: Meditating will keep you motivated.

Being and staying aware of the present moment - bringing your attention to your breath, whether seated or at some (or every) point throughout your day, aka mindfulness - gives you pause to release any worry about what you are thinking of as “bad” circumstances. That particular moment is everything and is a gift, even if it feels like it’s an obstacle or worse, extremely painful, and actually is an opportunity to learn. 

The future, of course, does not exist, so why worry? It will emerge purely contingent upon your attitude, thoughts and perspective on the present. By seeing the present openly and positively, and by releasing thoughts of fear or doubt about what the future may be, it unfolds into one that you are perfectly happy to experience. 

By being mindful in the present, the future becomes rosy, and something you can be really motivated to create. By staying present, we stay motivated.