AlphaWave Meditation for Leadership

Individuals and organizations new to the concept and practice of meditation are often overwhelmed in their attempts to meditate regularly by distractions, ambivalence, and old habits.

AlphaWave Meditation is a secular program of meditation that incorporates simplicity, accountability, and creativity, without any fanfare.

AlphaWave Meditation is for people who lead demanding, ambitious lives and seek focus, calm, and elevated energy. Instruction is one-on-one, in small groups, or seminar setting, and entails detailed seated instruction, guidance, and elucidation of the process and results of meditation.

 AlphaWave instruction and direction leads clients to the momentum to engrain and build the practice and fully enjoy the benefits.  

AlphaWave leads individuals and groups to a consistent practice and to reap the benefits.

With AlphaWave Meditation, clients experience:

-       Reduction of stress

-       Mental clarity and acuity

-       Recognition & understanding of perspectives of those you lead

-       An increased ability to remain calm amidst turmoil

-       Emotional detachment from turbulent events

-       Increased creativity

-       Better positive decisions

-       increase emotional intelligence

 Your optimal actions and decisions are rooted in being fully present in the moment. Any stress and concerns are based on fears of a future that may or may not exist, and external circumstances are completely dependent upon perspective and thoughts.  AlphaWave Meditation allows clients to become more aware of those thoughts (and the roots of those).

AlphaWave Meditation provides invaluable education and guidance to companies, leaders, athletes, a process they are proud and leads their organization to greater success.

About Meditation

Meditation is the act and practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment. Meditation can take place anytime and begins with just a single breath. At its most basic, meditation effectively reduces stress; practiced with consistency and over time, you dissolve old habits and build mental resolve, and deeper calm.. 

Specific benefits of meditation can include: lower blood pressure, decreased tension-related pain (headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems); improved immune system; greater levels of energy, and relief of insomnia. Increases: focus and concentration, powers of observation, increases energy levels, reduces anxiety and depression, improves overall state of health.

Seated meditation is a mindfulness practice that improves and increases awareness of the present throughout the waking day. When you sit still and quietly, focusing your awareness on your breath, you observe your thoughts. With the breath as an anchor to concentrate on, you cease deliberating on those thoughts and release them. Your focused breathing increases awareness which leads to quiet, calmness, and non-judgement. Over time, meditation cultivates self-awareness, discipline, perseverance, and creativity.

Meditation, and mindfulness at any moment, allows you to recognize emotions as they arise, and keep those, like anger and jealousy, which lead to poor decisions, under control. When life is hectic, messy, and most stressful, meditation allows you to stay calm, and focused.

Meditation can, and often does, lead to personal transformation. As your meditation practice becomes more regular and enjoyable, you observe your thoughts in greater detail, begin to recognize negative habits and patterns, let those go, and begin to discover a more compelling and effective self.